Scotch ATG 714 Adhesive Applicator

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The ATG 714 tape system delivers a controlled application of the adhesive while the liner rewinds into the ATG applicator.

Accepts Scotch ATG tape 1/4" wide rolls in 36 yard or 60 yard rolls - sold separately.

  • Covered gears minimize applicator jams
  • Bonds on contact and works for a variety of material combinations
  • Transparent cover shows remaining tape
  • Versatile, convenient, quick and easy to use
  • No mess or clean up
  • Touch of finger triggers quick, controlled application of tape
  • Applies adhesive transfer tape while simultaneously removing and rewinding the liner. The liner is captured on a secondary spool, leaving only the adhesive on the surface
  • Designed to be lightweight, ergonomic and very well balanced
  • For industrial or consumer use
  • The adhesive is thin and very strong

The Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator Gun is perfect for all of your scrapbooking and paper projects!

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