Paper 101

Let’s choose the perfect paper for those invitations…

So you’ve met that person who makes your heart skip a beat, who knows what you need before you do, who tells you to turn on the radio and listen to the song playing because it reminds them of you, that person you want to spend your forever with… and best of all they proposed! Congratulations!!

What’s the best way to share the exciting news of your upcoming wedding with family and friends? How do you convey just a small piece of the happiness and love you are experiencing? I know you are tempted to shout it from the rooftops. Wow I‘m showing my age there, who I am kidding, shout it from the rooftops?!? Okay so you want to change your Facebook status to ‘engaged’ and keep everyone in the loop with constant status updates of all the planning, tweet about it, post pictures on Instagram and all of those other social media sites that I sadly know little about. Luckily I’m not going to try to give you information pertaining to any of that because I would just embarrass myself! I am going to help you choose the perfect paper for your wedding stationery that will express yourselves as a couple in a creative way.

What do you want your invitation to reflect? As a couple is there a ‘theme’ you’d like to convey or perhaps a certain style? Once you’ve decided that you are ready to think about colours and paper. Choosing colours can seem overwhelming so please check out our Colour Palette Inspirations page.

Now, whether you are thinking about printing your own invitations or having them printed professionally, you’re going to need the perfect paper. Not just the perfect colour, you also have to decide how heavy you want the paper to be - and if you would prefer a matte or metallic finish. Also make sure the paper meets your printer specifications… so check with the printer manufacturer or read the manual for your desktop printer before making your final decision regarding paper weight. Most papers on our site are laser printer compatible but only certain papers work well when using an inkjet printer – so be sure to read the details regarding each paper you’re considering printing on.

I always thought that the beautiful specialty papers were out of my reach and only used by designers but I was incorrect on both of those assumptions. They’re not only readily available but affordable as well, which is perfect when working within that dreaded wedding budget.

Paper 101

Text Weight versus Cover Weight (cardstock)

Text weight paper is thinner than cover weight and is used for documents such as letterhead and brochures. Text weight is also generally used to make envelopes. Cover weight paper, also known as cardstock, is used for business cards, post cards and invitation folders and inserts.

Matte Paper versus Metallic Paper

Matte paper is uncoated and has a ‘flat’ finish whereas metallic paper is mica-coated producing a pearlescent or shimmering effect. Matte papers are less expensive than metallic papers.

Weights of Cover Stocks

  • Lightweight cover stock is a 65 lb. cover weight paper that is a thickness between text weight and ‘standard’ cardstock weight. It’s ideal for printing as it will generally feed through any desktop printer. It’s a great option for layering two colours when creating invitations.
  • Standard cover stock is 80 to 92 lb. cover weight and an ideal choice for the base (foundation) of your invitations, pocket folders and inserts.
  • Heavy Weight cover stock is 105 to 111 lb. cover weight and is perfect if you are seeking a more luxurious look and feel. Also it’s a great stand-alone paper for your invitations.


They are many different paper finishes to choose from. These include smooth, linen, vellum (not to be confused with translucent vellum paper), canvas, metallic, glitter and even woodgrain. Of course the paper you choose will be dependent upon the look you want to achieve.

It is amazing how many different ways you can show a bit of your personality in the paper you choose for your wedding stationery. Whether you are going for a more traditional feel or pushing the limits a bit be creative and let your invitations tell your love story.

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