Invitation Components

Besides the invitation itself, there are several other enclosure cards that may be included with the invitation to provide additional information for your guests. These cards should be printed on coordinating papers and in the same ink colours and lettering styles as your invitation for a cohesive appearance. Your individual needs will determine which pieces will be required.

Reception Card

Used along with a Ceremony Invitation this card asks your guests to participate in the celebration following your wedding ceremony. Give details of the time and location of the reception.

Example of Reception Card Wording:

The pleasure of your company
is requested at the Reception
immediately following the ceremony
Lakeside Banquet Hall
10 West Oak Street 

Response Card (RSVP Card)

Sent to your guests to mail back telling you how many people are coming. Use of a response card makes it easy for guests to RSVP and helps you to arrive at an accurate guest count. The line for guests to fill in their name often begins with the letter ‘M’ so they can finish it as “Mr.”, “Miss”, etc. Insert a long line so your guest can fill in his or her name(s). Another acceptable method is to substitute “Name” or “Name(s)” for the ‘M’. Often the next line has the words “accepts” and “declines”, along with a space next to each so that the guest can check off one. These cards also can include meal choice options when the caterer requires this information.

Example of Response Card Wording:

The favour of a reply is requested
before June 29th, 2015
        will attend
        not able to attend

Response Envelope

A pre-addressed, stamped return envelope allowing guests to mail their response card with convenience. The response envelope should be addressed to either the parents of the bride, the bride or the person documenting the RSVP’s.

Maps and Directions Card

Diagram(s) and/or instructions to help guests find the wedding venues. Maps should be simple but include a few landmarks and major roads. Directions should be provided in simple step-by-step instructions.


If you’ve decided to extend the celebration over the course of a few days in order to spend more time with family and friends, a printed itinerary may be a nice touch. It details events such as a welcome lunch, a family sporting event or activity, a picnic or brunch, a pre-arranged sightseeing trip, etc. This additional information gives guests the opportunity to make their plans accordingly. A printed itinerary can be included with the wedding invitation or sent separately after the response card have been received from your guest.

Accomodation Card

Provides information to guests about lodging near the wedding site(s) - amenities, rates, etc. Include phone numbers to make reservations and note if guests receive a discounted rate when they mention the wedding couples name and note any timeline for discounted rates.

Transportation Card

Lets guests know that you’ve made transportation arrangements to take them from Point A to Point B on the wedding day (i.e. a bus, ferry, limousine).

Example of Transportation Card Wording:

A private bus will leave
St. Andrew's Church
at four o'clock in the afternoon
and arrive back in Collingwood
at ten o'clock in the evening.

Parking Card

Tells your guests about any specific arrangements made for parking at or near the wedding site(s).

Example of Parking Card Wording:

Parking provided
Elm Street Parking Garage
128 Elm Street
Gratuities included

Please present this card
to the parking attendant

Rain Card (Alternate Plans Card)

Tells guests the alternate indoor location in the event of inclement weather forcing an outdoor wedding to move.

Example of Rain Card Wording:

In case of inclement weather
the ceremony will be held
at three 0'clock
St. Mary's Church
26 Watts Avenue
Oakville, Ontario

Seating Cards

Guests present these cards to an usher when arriving at the ceremony in order to receive priority seating. Use these cards where ceremony seating is limited and you want to ensure parents, grandparents, special relatives and close friends get special seating. Seating cards are often used for large, formal weddings. These can be included in the invitation or mailed once the response card has been returned.

Within-The-Ribbon Card

Indicates certain VIP guests are to be seated in a ceremony section marked with ribbons. Used when specific assigned rows or seats are not necessary.

Example of Within-The-Ribbon Card Wording:

Please present this card
St. Andrew's Anglican Church
Saturday, the second of July

Within the Ribbon

Pew Card

Indicates a specific pew or row where the guest is to be seated.

Example of Pew Card Wording:

Please present this card
St. Andrew's Anglican Church
Saturday, the second of July

Pew Number 4

At-Home Card (Change of Address)

A somewhat old-fashioned custom, these optional cards inform your guests of your new address as well as the date you’ll be moving there. They can also indicate whether the bride will be taking her husband’s last name or retaining her maiden name.

Example of At-Home Card Wording:

Mrs. Sarah Howard-Patterson
Mr. John Patterson
after the tenth of August
2246 Clarke Avenue, Apt. 11
Calgary, Alberta T6Z 2Z2


Other cards that you may wish to enclose with the invitation are:

  • details of a wedding brunch.
  • gift opening party invite.
  • family photo session information.
  • other cards which you may wish, to make your day, special.

Everyone on your guest list should receive an invitation. This includes parents, grandparents and siblings of the bride and groom. And don’t forget the ceremony officiant. Doing so will ensure that everyone has the same information and that no one feels left out of your event. You would hate to assume that Aunt Mary knew she was invited to your wedding but she felt that she couldn’t attend because she didn’t receive an invitation in the mail.

And since invitations usually include response cards for guests to complete and return, you’ll have a more controlled way to determine how many guests will actually attend your celebration.

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