Colour Palette Inspirations

23rd Apr 2015

When planning for your special day or event, your colour choice will be one of the first decisions. We’ve created a series of colour palette inspirations to help you get started. Each of the following carefully chosen colour palettes consists of five coordinated colours. Simply choose two or three colours from your favorite palette, and possibly add a neutral, and you’ll have a perfect personalized colour combination.

Most colour combinations consist of a dominant, a secondary and an accent colour. The dominant choice is the main and most prominent colour to be used, the secondary is the next most prominent and the accent is that little extra punch of colour. If you’re seeking a more dramatic effect you might consider using darker colours or adding a bright, vibrant colour as your accent. If you are looking to keep it more subtle then the lighter colours will help you achieve that.

Remember, when choosing a neutral there are many other choices besides the traditional whites and beiges. A neutral is a colour that works with anything so consider using silver, grey, tan, brown or even black. You may even choose to utilize two neutrals and only one or two other colours. The combinations are endless. Let’s get started - choose your favourite colour pallet, select your colour combination and let your creativity shine through!