Assembling Your Wedding Invitations

After the invitations and all of the inserts are ready to go and after the addresses have been written on the envelopes you’re ready for the assembly stage.

If you are sending reply cards (RSVP’s) with your invitations, take a sample to a postal outlet to determine the necessary postage and purchase the stamps. Keep in mind that guests from foreign countries will need to use their country’s postage to mail the reply cards back so you won’t need to purchase stamps for them.

If you are providing additional inserts for out-of-town guests, separate the already addressed outer envelopes into two groups; those who will receive the additional information and those who will not.

Affix return postage stamps to the reply card envelopes.

Lay out all of the components of the invitation set, grouped in neat piles, in preparation to gather the items in the correct order.

Sometimes people forget to write their names on the reply cards. You may want to number the guest list and keep a record. Then mark the corresponding number on either the back of the reply card or on the inside of the reply card envelope in a small, inconspicuous manner. That way you'll know who sent the reply card in case the guest forgot to include their name or if you're unable to read their handwriting.

When the invitation set is inserted into the envelope there is a customary order and orientation. The order generally follows in size from the smallest item on top (most likely the reply card and its envelope) to the largest on the bottom (the invitation). Thus the assembly order from the top:

  • Reply card tucked underneath its envelope flap
  • Reception card
  • Invitation

Insert all of the pieces in the envelope so that they are facing you having their left edges against the inside bottom of the envelope so that the recipient will find the text face up, ready to read.

Affix postage stamps to the outer invitation envelopes.

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